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Blood warmer

Medical Digital Temperature Controller Infusion Fluid Warmer

Small design, can be used friendly.

Warmer speed faster

That is just 2-mins fast heating to the set temperature.

Easy Operation

Three heating groove: Long-Middle-Short

Safe and convenient control

Various temperature control protection technology, ℃ and F unit convert,

35-42℃ heating range.

$ 129.00

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Availability: 10000 in stock (can be backordered)

1. Relieves pain and discomfort associated with the infusion of cold fluids.
2. Dry heat exchange warming prevents the risk of hypothermia, peripheral vasoconstriction, and cardiac arrhythmia.
3. Compatible with all gravity and pump-use IV sets, Completely portable & lightweight.
4. Adjustable temperature setting (High or Medium) for different flow rates.
5. Cage hanging Mount/clamp and belt are included.



Temperature Setting

℃: 35-42℃    ℉: 95.0℉-107.6℉

Temperature Accuracy

℃: ±1℃       ℉: ±1.8℉


℃: 0.1℃       ℉: 0.2℉

Optional Unit


Warming up time


Applicable IV set

Exclusive IV Set or standard single PVC IV Set (20 and 60 d/mL, with outer diameter 3.4 ~ 4.5mm)

Overheat Protection



Over heat, low temperature, system error, door open, warming up alarm



Power Supply

Input: 100-240V(AC power), 50Hz/60Hz, 0.3-0.7A

Output: 12V(DC Power) 2.5A

Power Consumption


Operation Environment

Temperature: +5℃-+30℃, Relative humidity:20%-80%, Atmospheric pressure:70.0Kpa-106.0Kpa

Transportation and Storage Environment

Temperature:-20℃-+550℃, Relative humidity:10%-93%, Atmospheric pressure:50.0Kpa-106.0Kpa

Degree of protection against ingress of liquids

Class II, IPX1


Size: 180mm*70mm*35mm,


Without Knob: 0.2KG; With Knob:0.4KG

For vets and pets Blood and Fluid heating

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