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Portable Bovine Ultrasound Machine

Full Digital + Rectal Linear Probe

Dual-channel cooling system, 5.7-inch LED screen, Rectal Liner Probe, Waterproof

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● Dual-channel cooling system.

● 5.7-inch high-resolution LED screen.

● Auto / Fast/ Manual one-key measure back fat and lean percentage.

● Full body splash-proof, dust-proof, and easy to clean.

● Obstetric measurement: bovine, equine, ovine, canine, feline, goat, swine and llama.

● 256-frame video playback, image measurement note, and save function.

● External memory support memory card, USB flash drive.

● Large-capacity lithium battery support continuously works for over 4 hours.

● Frequency conversion: any probe has a section frequency conversion function.

● The maximum display depth : 3.5MHz/270mm, 6.5MHz/189mm, 7.5MHz/165mm

1. 5.7-inch ultra-high-definition LCD screen.

2. Backfat test function: Fastly backfat test and automatically backfat test.

3. Video playback function: the last test video could be played and observed, which is convenient for one.

4. person to operate and record videos.

5. Animal-specific software measurement suite, could accurately measure the pregnancy cycle.

6. 16-color handheld ultrasonic all-in-one machine, could adjust different colors.

7. Five detection modes, suitable for different detection targets of different animals.

8. Support multiple probes.

9. Grid ruler, quickly read out the size of the measurement target.

10. This device is equipped with a machine leather sheath and belt.

11. Fully waterproof probe.

12. Support multi-language customization.

13. Packing details: Gross Weight: 3.8 kg, Net weight: 0.74 kg, Packing size: 410 * 370 * 180 mm.

Test Cattle, Sheep, Pig, Horse, Camel, Dog, Cat pregnancy, number of births, uterine disease.

Probe NamePicture
Convex probe Convex probe
Micro-ConvexMicro-Convex probe
Linear Array Linear Array Probe
Linear Rectal Linear Rectal Probe
Convex RectalConvex Rectal
Rectal Probe for GoatsRectal Probe for goat
Backfat probeBack fat Probe

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