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Full Digital Portable Cattle Ultrasound Machine

Full Digital + Rectal Linear Probe

5.6-inch LED display, multiple probes, high heat dissipation, and advanced imaging features.

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1. 5.6-inch high-definition screen, high strength aluminum alloy metal shell.

2. Video playback function, the last test video could be played and observed. It is convenient for one person to operate and record videos.

3. Probe preheating function, do not need to worry probe was frozen in winter.

4. Fastly backfat function.

5. One-click to restore factory settings.

6. Normal power is less than 9W.

7. Permanently store tens of thousands of pictures.

8. Support external U disk, monitor, printer, etc.

9. Support multi-language customization.

1. Display: 5.6-inch LED display;
2. Support probe: 3.5MHz abdominal convex array probe, 6.5mhz micro convex small animal probe, 6.5mhz veterinary rectal probe, 7.5MHz high frequency linear array probe, 3.5MHz backfat probe;
3. Metal wire drawing fuselage, 35mm thick, metal texture, cool fuselage, high heat dissipation;
4. It has automatic backfat function (intelligent one key measurement), fast backfat function (mobile reading ruler) and manual backfat measurement function;
5. Display mode: B, B + B, 4b, B + m, m;
6. Electron focusing: four stage electron focusing;
7. There were more than 18 body position markers;
8. Frequency conversion: any probe has five section frequency conversion function;
9. Image image: rotate the image up, down, left and right, and flip the interface in black and white;
10. With image rotation function, the image can be flipped up, down, left and right;
11. In addition, it has annotation function, which is convenient for text and body mark annotation;
12. Routine measurement: distance, perimeter, area, volume and angle;
13.Specialty measurement, heart measurement and lean meat rate measurement;Obstetric measurement of 8 kinds of animals
14. It has the functions of grid ruler and point ruler, which can read the size of the detected object quickly
15. Character display: gain, frequency, dynamic, date, time;
16. It has 256 frame movie playback function, which can be played back frame by frame and video playback, and can select any image measurement annotation to save frame by frame playback;
17. Storage: built-in 8g storage, external U disk storage, can browse pictures, can transfer the built-in pictures to U disk;
18. Dynamic range: 0-135db;

Probe NamePicture
Convex probe Convex probe
Micro-ConvexMicro-Convex probe
Linear Array Linear Array Probe
Linear Rectal Linear Rectal Probe
Convex RectalConvex Rectal
Rectal Probe for GoatsRectal Probe for goat
Backfat probeBack fat Probe

Test Cattles, Sheeps, Pigs, Horses, Camels, Cats, Dogs, pregnancy, number of births, uterine disease.

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