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Veterinary ECG for dog ecg

7 / 12 leads Vet ECG for pet clinic

7-inch touch screen.  7/ 12 leads Electrocardiograph, Thermal printer with 80mm print paper, Smart and easy to use

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  1. 7 /12 lead ECG synchronous sampling system.
  2. Thermal printer with 80mm print paper, synchronization print.
  3. 7″ color touch-screen, touch operation.
  4. Automatic measurement, calculation, analysis, and waveform freezing.
  5. Support USB flash disk & SD memory.
  6. Data transmitting to PC via USB.
  7. Patient information can be input.
  8. Historical data can be reviewed and printed.
  9. Built-in rechargeable li-ion battery, AC/DC power conversion
  10. Sleep mode to save energy and extend TFT screen life.
  11. Support USB Keyboard/Mouse
  12. Lead off & lack of paper detection function.
  13. 7-level printing thick can be chosen.
  14. Adapt to 110-230V, 50/60Hz AC power supply.
CMRR≥100dB, with AC Filter
Input circuitFloating, Protection against defibrillator effect
Input circuit current≤O.1 A
Operation modeManual/ Auto
FilterAC, ECG Filter
C Drift filterAnti-Drift System
Input impedance> 50MQ
Patient current leakage< 10 A
Rated voltage100V-230V 50Hz/6OHz
Recording paperThermal recording paper
Calibrating voltage1mV±3%
Voltage tolerance±500mV
Time Constant> 3.2s
Frequent response0.05Hz~1 50Hz
Noise level≤15 Vp-p
Threshold≤20 V
Paper speed12. 5mm/s, 25,50mm/s (±3%)
RecorderHigh resolution thermal printer
BatteryLi-ion Battery(11.1 V,2200mAh)

Used for dog ,cat and other pet ECG testing.

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