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veterinary blood pressure machine

Smart and Easy to use

4.3 inch LCD touchscreen, Lithium battery. 18 months warranty. Accurate, multi-language. AMobile APP.

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1. Accuracy & Reliability

2. Simplicity of Use: Intuitive with 4.3″ LCD Touch Screen, the users can press the button or touch the screen to operate the machine, share and review the BP data.

3. Silence: It measures BP quietly, and alarms can be silenced to avoid causing panic to the animals.

4. Speed: It can obtain the results very fast, much faster than Ultrasonic Doppler.

5. Memory: Support up to 100 ID & 200 data for each ID in Spot mode; Supports up to 1000 groups of data in Monitor mode.

6. Multi-language: Mandarin, English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, etc.

7. Portability: Rechargeable lithium or alkaline battery allows the device to be easily moved around the exam rooms.

8. Data Transmission: APP is available to transfer data to mobile phones or tablets via Bluetooth; The doctors can also measure the BP at a long distance without frightening the pets.


PropertiesBlood Pressure Monitoring
Product Nameveterinary blood pressure machine
Display Screen4.3inch TFT Screen
DemensionL*W*H: 178*146*168(mm)
Net Weightaround 1387g

Pulse Measurement Range

0-300 Times/Min

Blood Pressure Measurement RangeOmmHg-280mmHg OkPa3-7.33kPa
Moniooring ModeSingle measurement, continuous monitoring 2-minute interval measureme
Measurement AccuracyStatic pressure:±3mmHg (±0.4kPa ) Pulse:±5%
Measurement Methodoscillography
Use for cat, dog blood pressure inspection.

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