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SS304 material, Rustproof, High quality, 5 cages fit for dogs and cats

Integeal stainless steel material, anti-corrosion, acid-proof and rust-proof, bottom mobile wheel using high strength polyurethane universal brake wheel.

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1. Reasonable cage structure, super pressure bearing, durable.
2. Door lock sliding design, automatic locking, mute, good safety.
3. The cage is designed with a seamless water retaining edge, which is more convenient and hygienic to use.
4. The unique rounded corner design in the cage solves the problem that the dead corners are difficult to clean.
5. The cage door and pedal grid are welded with high frequency current, which is sturdy and durable without de-soldering.
6. There is a movable partition in the middle of the lower cage, and the partition can be pulled out into a large cage, and large dogs can also be easily accommodated.
7. The inner side of the contamination tray is designed with a bevel, leaving no dead corners, which is convenient for washing.
8. There are 4 universal brake wheels at the bottom of the cage, which are mute, wear-resistant and easy to move and fix.
9. The cage is innovatively adjusted, with fine workmanship, exquisite and unique, and can be combined at will.
10. We accept customized.

Quality # 304 stainless steel

External size: 1500*700*1570mm ( L*D*H )

Upper cage: 500*700*610mm ( L*D*H )

Lower cage: 750*700*820mm ( L*D*H )

Waste tray: 690*540*45mm ( L*W*H )

Packing size: 154*81*115cm

The G.W: 185 KGS

Use for pet or vet clinic.

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