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Portable veterinary patient monitor for sale

Smart and Easy to use

3.5 “high-resolution color LCD screen. Built-in lithium battery, USB data upload.

$ 129.00$ 899.00

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1.The smallest and exquisite handheld vital sign monitor worldwide
2.Accurate measurement in 0.05% Low perfusion Index,the world leading production in the movement environment
3.Provide the parameter of PI( Perfusion Index 0.05%-20%)
4.Accurate measurement in all kind of extreme environment measurement such as neonatal and shock patients
5.NIBP adopt SAWAA(Self-Adaptive-Waveform-Amplitude –Adjust)algorithm and SAFD(Self-Adaptive-Fast-Deflation)algorithm
6.Easy operation by 3.5 inch color TFT
7.Up to 100 users ID switch
8.Two measurements mode:Spot,Monitoring
9.Data storage capabilities, support for historical data view and trend chart back for checking
10.In monitoring mode, can continuously record 48 hours of measurement data
11.In spot mode,100 users ID, each user can store 200sets data
12.Support audio and visual alarm,support to set alarm upper and lower limit values
13.Lithium ion battery power supply

1. 3.5 “high resolution color LCD screen.
2. Compact and portable, allowing the uninterrupted monitoring;
3. Communication power supply, built-in lithium battery;Adjustable sound and visual alarm; .
4. Storage and trend data for 36 hours of patient;
5. Suitable for adult and pediatric and neonatal patients;
6. The query convenient measurement data;
7.USB data upload;
8. Optional Charging Stand

Use for cat and dog surgery

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