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Pulse Vacuum Steam Veterinary Sterilizer

Full Automatic + Electric Heated

The Class B veterinary sterilizer has a 3-time vacuum, LCD touch display, safety systems, and inactivates HIV, HBV, BSE, and bacillus.

$ 2,999.00$ 3,999.00

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1. Standard Class B Sterilization: Features a three-time vacuum and drying process, ensuring the remaining temperature of sterilized instruments is below 0.2%.

2. User-Friendly Interface: LCD display with touch keys showing working status and a fully computer-controlled modular panel for easy operation.

3. Versatile Vacuum: Reaches -0.8 bar, suitable for packaged, unpackaged, solid, hollow, multi-aperture, and inset pipe instruments, ensuring complete sterilization.

4. BOWIE & DICK Test: Installed to measure the penetration of water steam.

5. Vacuum Test: Ensures effective vacuum testing capability.

6. Efficient Steam Generation: Equipped with a fast and independent steam generator.

7. Built-in Printer: Mini printer records sterilization information.

8. Comprehensive Safety Features: Includes safety valve, safety lock door system, pressure lock system, pressure/temperature overload protection, and alarm system.

9. Effective Sterilization: Efficiently inactivates HIV, HBV, BSE, and bacillus.

10. Convenient Design: Designed for open water tanks, water purification, and sewage tank separation, making it convenient and intuitive to use.

Technical DataVC-20DVVC-T24DV
Sterilizing chamber volume20L
φ250 *360mm
φ250 * 470 mm
Working pressure0.22Mpa
Working temperature134℃
Temperature adjust range105-134℃
Timer range0-99 min
Heat average≤ ±1℃
Power2 KW /AC220V. 50Hz
Dimension (mm)480*600*400 480*680*455
Exterior Packing dimension (mm)580*790*580580*790*580
Gross Weight / Net Weight56kg / 47kg57 kg / 53 kg

Use for a dental clinic, vet clinic, etc.

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