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Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner

Full Digital + 3.5 MHz abdominal convex array probe

5.7-inch LED screen, 3.5 MHz probe, Waterproof, offering versatile imaging with multiple display modes.

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1. 5.7-inch ultra-clear LCD screen.

2. Rapid backfat testing function.

3. Video playback capability: review the last test video for easy solo operation and recording.

4. 16-color handheld ultrasound machine with adjustable color settings.

5. Grid ruler for quick measurement size reading.

6. Fully waterproof probe.

7. Supports multi-language customization

1. Screen: 5.7-inch LED screen.
2. Probe: Standard 3.5 MHz abdominal convex array probe.
3. Fast Backfat Function: Quick and easy backfat measurement with moving caliper.
4. Display Modes: B, B+B, 4B, B+M, M.
5. Electronic Focus: Four-segment electronic focus.
6. Body Markers: ≥18 types, with annotation capability.
7. Frequency Conversion: Five-segment function.
8. Image Mirroring: Rotate mirror up, down, left, right, with black and white interface flipping.
9. Image Rotation: Flip image up, down, left, right.
10. Measurements: Distance, perimeter, area, volume, angle; specialized for obstetrics, cardiac, lean meat rate.
10. Grid and Dot Rulers: Quick size readings of detection targets.
11. Character Display: Gain, frequency, dynamic, date, time.
12. Playback: 256-frame movie playback, frame-by-frame and video playback with annotation and save options.
13. Storage: Optional 8G memory card, external U disk, local browsing and transfer.
14. Dynamic Range: 0-135dB.
15. Image Processing: Gamma correction, frame/line correlation, edge enhancement, flip, pseudo-color.
16. Blind Area: ≤4.
17. Max Display Depth: 270mm at 3.5MHz.
18. Interfaces: USB, TF card, VIDEO.
19. Geometric Accuracy: Horizontal ≤ 5%, vertical ≤ 5%.
20. Resolution: Lateral ≤2mm, axial ≤1mm.
21. Magnification: 16 display modes.

22. Packing detail: Gross Weight(kg): 3.8 kg. Net Weight: 0.72 Kg. Packing Size: 410 * 370 *180 mm.

Test Pigs, Sheep, Dogs, Cats pregnancy, number of births, uterine disease.

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