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Portable anesthesia machine veterinary use

Compact light-weight and portable,

Multiple Installations and Applications, Convenient and Safe

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1. Multi-applications, Multi-installations.
Rebreathing anaesthesia and non-rebreathing anaesthesia; stand, desktop, wall-mounted installations.
2. Selectatec® Vaporizer.
Selectatec® standard vaporizer, easy replacement; sevoflurane, enflurane, isoflurane optional.
3. Independent non-rebreathing Circuit.
All-metal ACGO switch and independent ACGO port to ensure one-step switching between rebreathing anaesthesia and non-rebreathing anaesthesia.
4. Oxygen Pressure Security.
oxygen pressure gauge, oxygen pressure status is clear, built-in safety valve ensures product safety.
5. Airway Pressure Management.
Pre-calibrated APL valve, set airway pressure level in one step; APL valve button closes the airway in one step; vertical pressure airway gauge, airway pressure status is under control.
6. Large Capacity CO2 Absorber Canister
Lever mechanism, locking and unlocking by only one step; 1400ml super large capacity CO2 absorber canister.

Note: Selectatec® is a registered Trademark of CE

veterinary isoflurane anesthesia machine
veterinary isoflurane anesthesia machine

Used for vet or pet anesthesia。

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